Organizational Design

Organizational Design
What's a greater concern for returning to the office? Comment how you are prioritizing...

Top Answer : The majority of our focus is definitely on the human factors as the technical factors are mostly related to things we had to solve as we went distributed.  We will need some additional technical stuff to support the human factors (eg. scheduling software to limit the # of people in the office at the same time) but solving the human factors of helping people to feel comfortable, ensuring that safety precautions are being followed, etc... are much harder and why it will be a while before we go back.

What is your take on this article by Joe Peppard about the need to get rid of IT Departments?

Top Answer : I like the idea that IT is the business, but pushing out the team to be decentralized scares me a little. It might work in a smaller org, but in larger organisations I think you would lose some of the advantages of scale and end up solving the same issues multiple times.

Teams are becoming increasingly more global. Do you have any advice on how to manage the day-to-day of a increasingly global team?

Top Answer : Go back to the basics. Be very clear what their job descriptions are, how they contribute to the team larger team, and how they affect your larger strategy. That helps set up cohesive and well-oiled teams across the globe.

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What are your biggest concerns about letting your employees work remotely?

Top Answer : Couple of challenges  1, Trust building 2. Managing teams remotely and evaluating their performance 3. Building the office culture. Having said that WFH is the right choice in this pandemic

What’s the ideal reporting line to maximize a CISOs impact?

Top Answer : I'm surprised by how low the CEO is. To maximise a CISOs impact they need to have a seat at the top table. If they report through another role, such as the CIO, then their needs are in direct competition with all the other needs of that department, before they can be prioritized against the needs of the rest of the business.

Will the low-code and no-code movement kill developer jobs?

Top Answer : It's a balance between simple development and complex development. Apps like Caspio and Bubble IO provide a way for the average person to build a good MVP, test out a concept, and establish it more.  Online forms like Jotforms or Gravity Forms allows for data capture and simple management. Zapier enables two applications to talk to each other. All are Low Code and answer the simple element. But complex applications (video games, enterprise software, etc) requires someone with the right skills and experience to be able to turn requirements into outcomes in a way that does not compromise security, stability or availability.

How are you currently coping with the “Great Resignation”?

Top Answer : Frankly, it’s not going well. The people who are leaving are leaving for a variety of reasons, whether it be more pay, wanting work from home, or maybe even philosophical differences of what we want to do as an organization versus what they want to do. The example I keep going to is, I have folks who still want to program in C##, and I don't really want to have to do anything with C##. So for me, the question is, "For those that I want to stay, what is it that they're looking for? Besides more money, because I can't control money." We've found that mobility and growth are important to people.

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What’s the logic behind companies hiring for BISO (Business Information Security Officer) roles instead of a CISO role. Is it because they don’t want to dilute power in the C-Suite, don’t prioritize security at the right level or is there some other reason?

Top Answer : My perspective is that this is actually a good thing and the #1 priority of the BISO is to seamlessly integrate security solutions within the various areas/lines of business. They are a blend of security expertise, technologist, and business analyst.

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When creating your headcount model, do you factor in risks like churn or turnover?

Top Answer : I have to factor in rehiring as well as the burn rate, which will increase cost. Because the product itself will take at least 6-7 months to build and then we will have a prototype, so we are looking at having revenues somewhere at the end of 2022 or the start of 2023.

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