What can businesses do to prepare for the cybersecurity bills that recently passed through The House?

Top Answer : We're doing some reorganization to prepare for these changes. With so much overhead, you can't move at the speed that your developers and organization want. My data security monitor is helping me drive a threat modeling library right now so that I can advance. They need to test this stuff, so hopefully, that will provide some empowerment.

Gartner has released it's 2021 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies! What are your key takeaways from these findings?

Top Answer : I believe that there are 3 crucial trends that have emerged: 1. The focus is on customer obsession and delivering business value to the customer as quickly as possible in a contactless, digital-first world. There will be an uptick in technologies and processes that will reduce friction within the organization. 2. Security, privacy, and trust will be paramount, and many technologies will emerge that provide proactive, predictive, and prescriptive solutions to help strengthen security and trust 3. Data, AI, and Machine learning will be essential to recognize patterns, build insights, and act on information and knowledge. This has been a trend for a while, and it will accelerate in the coming years.  Overall, I believe the trend will be to reduce manual intervention, reduce friction in value delivery, and improve scalability and resiliency. Definitely interesting times ahead for all of us!

Has ransomware become more prevalent or just increasingly publicized?

Top Answer : There is a lot of debate about whether the rise of ransomware has happened because of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has been here and the way I see it is, there's honey, so all the flies are coming for it. If there is money, crooks will come out. 51% of the companies hit by ransomware are hit again within 3 months because people noted that they paid and then didn't increase their protection. We need to figure out how to recognize it, how to protect against it and what we can do about it if it happens. But there are costs involved. For me as a business technology guy, I need to understand where I should put my dollars. There are 30-40 different security applications in an organization. That's too many.

Top Answer : We pushed the company update yesterday. So far no issues reported.

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