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Infrastructure & Operations
When you think about how deeply you embed a cloud access security broker (CASB) system into your infrastructure, is there skepticism or optimism?

Top Answer : I think, with any utility, you'd have some amount of skepticism, but it's a necessary thing at this point. So I'm pretty optimistic about our CASB system. It's working pretty well for us, and it's definitely one of those things where I know I feel better having something, even if it's not perfect and still evolving. The data I'm getting from it is really important, and I'm able to take that data and use that for things like conditional access. The SaaS tool sprawl is significant, pushing 200 apps at least. We have to have something in place now that most of the data is not on the endpoint and it's all in an app somewhere.

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If these companies were affected then the foundation of computing could be at risk. If you could manipulate at the hardware layer via the firmware, BIOS, ect then a threat actor could weaponize well below the operating system which brings in to question the integrity of the entire computing stack and everything above it.  The firmware and bios are like the rebar and concrete for a building. If that foundation is weak then the entire structure and anything dependent on it is at risk. We cannot underestimate the potential or the severity of these companies being potentially affected by the SolarWinds hack and what that means for the foundational computing hardware they provide to the world.  What do others think ?  How could this impact your organization ?   Big tech companies including Intel, Nvidia, and Cisco were all infected during the SolarWinds hack - The Verge

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Should infrastructure still be a concern for businesses?

Top Answer : Yes, it still matters. It'll always matter. I think the same way COVID was a huge catalyst to technologists working from home, I think something else is probably coming that will force technology to start working from home, or that is to say out at the edge. So I think we're going to see massive decentralization of infrastructure and what we take for granted now, the constructs around like Kubernetes, for example, we already see it shrinking down. Like who's got a watch that's more powerful than the laptop they had 15 years ago? So this isn't going to be a great experience if you've got to wait for data and processing to happen in a data center thousands of miles from where you live. All that data's got to be close to the edge, the processing has to be close to the edge or even on your person. So I think, yes, we're going to continue to have to worry about infrastructure, but also yes, we're also going to have to figure out how do we spread it out and create an era of ambient computing.

Edge computing entails so much infrastructure with privacy/security worried should consumers be?

Top Answer : I almost wonder if the end user will not care about personal infrastructure at all one day and only certain businesses will care; The end user, it seems, will just have devices. I'm kind of sitting here going, I'm going to somehow have facial detection on the servers in my garage because I'm worried about people accessing the data. And it's kind of, at some point, the trade-off is between, “do I upload it with someone's cloud infrastructure, or do I build my own?” And at some point, I don't think I'll be able to.

Will AI Ops take IT jobs away?

Top Answer : I think IT professionals in general are very fearful their jobs are going away. The message that I would deliver is AI-Ops can help make you look smarter, augment you, and make you significantly more efficient in meeting your OKRs. Don't be fearful of it. The Overlords are not coming for your job.

Is all the hype around AI Ops fiction or reality?

Top Answer : AI-Ops has opportunity, but it’s in the extremely early innings and it's not one size fits all. You have to take a measured approach because it takes time to build proper machine learning models with data sources that are continuously changing, and you have to test this. You can't just deploy and say, “There you go, come talk to this Chatbot and let me know how it goes.”  For me, one bad experience I will never talk to the Chatbot again. The culture now is, “Satisfy me now or I will not use you.”

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