Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management
What's a greater concern for returning to the office? Comment how you are prioritizing...

Top Answer : The majority of our focus is definitely on the human factors as the technical factors are mostly related to things we had to solve as we went distributed.  We will need some additional technical stuff to support the human factors (eg. scheduling software to limit the # of people in the office at the same time) but solving the human factors of helping people to feel comfortable, ensuring that safety precautions are being followed, etc... are much harder and why it will be a while before we go back.

Benchmark study on IT Service ManagementBenchmark study on IT Service Management

When it comes to ITSM, how does your organization benchmark against your peers? In this study, we help you evaluate how you stand on the top 13 key areas of ITSM.

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Open for comment - what division (or aspect/project) of your IT organization has the greatest human capital constraints? ... Dev? Security? Innovation? Other?

Top Answer : That is a good question in the federal government it’s not always the human capital restraints it’s the regulations and compliance restraints which are there for a reason that are hard to meet. I would suggest to anyone reading this who wants to work or sell their product to a federal agency to educate themselves on what federal requirements your product or service needs to meet in order to even be considered. For example, cloud services as a IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS has to be FedRamp approved. I know this isn’t exactly what your asking but it may provide knowledge in other areas that could be restraints.