Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security
hi, does anyone have a policy around BYOD mobile devices and blacklist apps? if so, how well do your users respond to it.? Our challenge is that we have a number of apps we'd like to blacklist, and concerned they will revolt

Top Answer : Will they really revolt? Or just complain?   If they are corporate issued devices, you own them and dictate how they can be used.   If it is their devices, they can only access data and/or apps since you allow it.   Ultimately, it comes down to educating them about the risks, and management understanding how they are going to deal with these risks.   In regulated industries (finance, banking, healthcare, government, etc.) they understand that there are limits with BYOD.

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If these companies were affected then the foundation of computing could be at risk. If you could manipulate at the hardware layer via the firmware, BIOS, ect then a threat actor could weaponize well below the operating system which brings in to question the integrity of the entire computing stack and everything above it.  The firmware and bios are like the rebar and concrete for a building. If that foundation is weak then the entire structure and anything dependent on it is at risk. We cannot underestimate the potential or the severity of these companies being potentially affected by the SolarWinds hack and what that means for the foundational computing hardware they provide to the world.  What do others think ?  How could this impact your organization ?   Big tech companies including Intel, Nvidia, and Cisco were all infected during the SolarWinds hack - The Verge

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