End-User Services & Collaboration

End-User Services & Collaboration
What's a greater concern for returning to the office? Comment how you are prioritizing...

Top Answer : The majority of our focus is definitely on the human factors as the technical factors are mostly related to things we had to solve as we went distributed.  We will need some additional technical stuff to support the human factors (eg. scheduling software to limit the # of people in the office at the same time) but solving the human factors of helping people to feel comfortable, ensuring that safety precautions are being followed, etc... are much harder and why it will be a while before we go back.

How can we shift consumer behavior to encourage more sustainable practices?

Top Answer : I've seen a number of startup companies that are looking at the consumer behavior aspect and that instant gratification mindset. They’re trying to gamify it by giving the consumer choices that might change their behavior. For example, at eBay, we had this competition from our sustainability team. All these different groups came together to create a sustainable shipping box. The idea was that it ships out with a tag on it. If you reuse it, that tag gives you credit, which can change someone’s behavior. From the infrastructure side, the reason I wanted to get a baseline together is that when we know there are seven million locations, we know that they consume 594 terawatt hours of energy. We know what that energy is from—each of the real estate addresses for those locations can be reported. Imagine if you then set the consumer behavior like Netflix; instead of deciding, “I only want to watch this,” I'll opt in on the sustainability side, which means it will route through the data center locations that are renewable. Then there's packet tagging all the way through. There's a technology aspect of it. It’s interesting consumer behavior. And you can get them engaged in that way but you have to gamify it so that they get something out of it.

Remote Employee EngagementRemote Employee Engagement

What strategies have IT leaders been implementing to foster and track remote employee engagement?

Are you considering switching to Signal for your organization's confidential communications?

Top Answer : i got rid of whatapps a few years back for signal

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Does your organization have a program to refurbish or recycle devices?

Top Answer : I have long been involved in the life cycle of devices, so there was always a program in place. We didn't realize we were really good at recycling, we were just saving the company money by taking devices that were state of the art three years ago and giving them to somebody else in the organization that was just starting up, whether they were an intern, or a new hire or in a different department who didn't require all the bells and whistles. So in terms of managing assets and being smart about it, that's always been a part of IT. Another thing we used to do with older equipment was refurbish them to a point, removing any sensitive data, and then provide them to the local schools, or to underprivileged kids in economically challenged regions, because there still is a digital divide. Being able to give people a device at no cost is still a working system that helps a lot. And there are many organizations that do similar things.

Is stability / uptime a concern for you with your cloud provider?  Thinking back to AWS' major outage in 2017, shouldn't we be past these issues? https://www.zdnet.com/article/ibm-cloud-outage-downs-customer-websites-globally/?ftag=TRE-03-10aaa6b&bhid=29349190877791638188562104926226&mid=12873514&cid=2259891406

Top Answer : It should be a concern.    No Hyperscaler is immune,  and we're not past these issues. AWS confirmed on 12-07-2021 "it was experiencing issues in the US-East-1 Region" that took down business and consumer services.  Many companies have already adopted a Multicloud strategy.  Moreover, it makes sense to use cloud service providers with complementary capabilities so that the business maintains access to best in class technologies.

What are your biggest concerns about letting your employees work remotely?

Top Answer : Couple of challenges  1, Trust building 2. Managing teams remotely and evaluating their performance 3. Building the office culture. Having said that WFH is the right choice in this pandemic

Do you see a disconnect in the feedback cycle between the product and the customer at your organization?

Top Answer : When you look at business application software, my sense of things from working with our product team is that they're too customer-driven in some ways, and it tends to be very reactive. Because when one of your big customers says, "I need this thing," you go build it. Pretty soon, you have this Frankenstein monster that wasn't designed holistically. It was built through a bunch of reactive changes. Major vendors like Oracle, SAP, etc., will tell you, "This is best practice and this is how it should be done." But I’ve realized that’s because their first customer asked for something a long time ago, they built it and that became best practice. They laid the foundations based on their early customers and then you can't really change it. When vendors say “best practice”, they don't mean that they tried 18 different things and determined that this is the best one. What they mean is, “This is the easy one to do in our system that was created based on what our biggest customers asked for, so that's what it is.”