End User Equipment

End User Equipment
What's a greater concern for returning to the office? Comment how you are prioritizing...

Top Answer : The majority of our focus is definitely on the human factors as the technical factors are mostly related to things we had to solve as we went distributed.  We will need some additional technical stuff to support the human factors (eg. scheduling software to limit the # of people in the office at the same time) but solving the human factors of helping people to feel comfortable, ensuring that safety precautions are being followed, etc... are much harder and why it will be a while before we go back.

What are some tips for remote hiring success? For both vetting and courting candidates...

Top Answer : Whenever possible we try to have internal references. Or at least 2 degrees of Kevin Bacon. When you have 130k employees and probably 40k contractors it works and those employees usually turn out to fit better than placement service finds And for many roles we offer a referral bonus paying after 6 months of the new employees working out ok

How has GDPR and CCPA changed your use or procurement cybersecurity tools?

Top Answer : Not much directly but in some situations avoiding an agent, a plugin, or something that requires a cookie will mitigate privacy risks.  Many security technologies in how they are architected, deployed, and how the vendor gathers and shares information actually is generating a substantial amount of privacy risk

Mobile MaturityMobile Maturity

This report helps IT organizations understand the rate of growth in mobile enterprise management.

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