Data Lake

Data Lake
Accelerating the move towards a cloud infrastructure - how do you decide / what applications go first? Which are top of the list for you currently?

Top Answer : First we try to stop the flow of new non-cloud. Then we prioritize for those apps overdue for an upgrade that we will be retaining 4+ years. Apps with security risks can also be a priority if we can’t shut it down or migrate to a different solution

Does anyone has any success at setting up DLP (data loss prevention) to guard against source code leak thru email, file-share, etc?

Top Answer : Integrate it with endpoint security. We use bitdefender

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I'm building most on... share "why" in comments...

Top Answer : Virtually nose-to-nose here out the gate, would be great to hear some arguments for/against your choice...  thanks for participating in the poll - I recently joined Pulse so we can put that interview we were planning in my past life on permanent hold ;)  - any additional thoughts here? Thanks!