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Data Center
If these companies were affected then the foundation of computing could be at risk. If you could manipulate at the hardware layer via the firmware, BIOS, ect then a threat actor could weaponize well below the operating system which brings in to question the integrity of the entire computing stack and everything above it.  The firmware and bios are like the rebar and concrete for a building. If that foundation is weak then the entire structure and anything dependent on it is at risk. We cannot underestimate the potential or the severity of these companies being potentially affected by the SolarWinds hack and what that means for the foundational computing hardware they provide to the world.  What do others think ?  How could this impact your organization ?   Big tech companies including Intel, Nvidia, and Cisco were all infected during the SolarWinds hack - The Verge

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Accelerating the move towards a cloud infrastructure - how do you decide / what applications go first? Which are top of the list for you currently?

Top Answer : First we try to stop the flow of new non-cloud. Then we prioritize for those apps overdue for an upgrade that we will be retaining 4+ years. Apps with security risks can also be a priority if we can’t shut it down or migrate to a different solution

How is your organization actively transforming traditional Information Governance/Data Governance models to enable and expedite the adoption of advanced computing solutions designed to continue shrinking barriers between physical and digital?

Top Answer : A lot of education. And a lot more controls on setting up data models, data storage, and standardized descriptions And we continue to educate on issues like GDPR and similar compliance to be built into data models and storage

We’re doing an analysis to move a significant application workload from our on-prem data center to Azure. For those on Azure , any feedback on reliability , frequency of outages , etc would be great!

Top Answer : It was as reliable as on site, not better not worse. The big change was our technical debt. We had a tendency to keep old apps which forced us to keep older O/S online. That won’t be an option in the cloud. If you always upgrade everything then it won’t be an issue.

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