Customer Success

Customer Success
Leveraging Mobile Across Departments - Non-TechnicalLeveraging Mobile Across Departments - Non-Technical

This report was generated to help non-technical teams benchmark their mobile practices against their peers.

What are your thoughts on SaaS management platforms (SMP)?

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Leveraging Mobile Across Departments - TechnicalLeveraging Mobile Across Departments - Technical

This report was generated to help technical teams benchmark their mobile practices against their peers.

How understanding are you of technical difficulties with virtual conferences or webinars?

Top Answer : It does friend on how it happened for the same people. If it's too frequent, it suggests an issue with their capability. Once or twice though, it's understandable.

Role of IT in Customer ExperienceRole of IT in Customer Experience

Customer experience is now the priority for every IT department and this report helps IT Executives benchmark their experiences against their peers.

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What are your strategies for encouraging customer adoption of IT security measures?

Top Answer : It’s often assumed that the better your security the worse the customer experience is as far as usability is concerned. From a historical perspective that’s true to some degree, so I don't know the best way to approach this problem. Back when I was working at Gilead I assigned some basic security functions to one of my system admins, and they’d read a book that said you should put a lockout on any desktop, and make it mandatory so that when it locks out the customer can't reset it. I had sales people coming at me nonstop the next week, because they're in the middle of a meeting when the computer locks out and then they can't reset it. It's often a matter of figuring out how to get around those little things and go the extra mile so that you can still have what you want without rubbing it in the customer's face.

How can IT leaders strike a balance between security and customer experience?

Top Answer : My approach is security by obscurity—I don't want anybody to notice it, except for the MFA. Anything beyond that, I don't want them even to see it. When I was at a former company, Fire Eye had a service where they sandboxed all your links, so I got Z-Scaler. I created scripts, etc., to auto-cure Z-Scaler when it broke so people wouldn't get disrupted. That was big because no matter how much awareness training we did, if I sent out a fake phishing email then everyone would click on it, so I knew they would click on a real one. Then I had a Rapid-7 tool that blocked impossible logins. It would tell me where somebody's logging in from, what they're logging in to, time, date, what kind of machine, etc. And I had a cloud access security broker (CASB) solution, where when somebody quit and they started downloading all their stuff out of Box, I would just cut off their account automatically if there was any anomaly from their normal daily behavior. All this stuff was automated, and nobody really saw it unless you were trying to steal.

Do enterprise companies place more focus on internal customer service than startups?

Top Answer : The IT and the technology at Uber was next level—I used to complain about the engineers that would complain. You could walk up to IT and get your problems solved on the spot no matter what. We had amazing technology and I've been at a couple of companies since where that was not the case. Some startups are not customer-obsessed from an internal aspect. They preach “we're open and then we’re closed,” but it's not really that way. If you don't understand your customer and you're not customer-obsessed, people will solve their problem in other ways. That's what's happening right now for several companies and it's just hard to reign that in unless you're really solving that problem.

Have you seen any great tech solutions to improve customer experience in the post-COVID contactless world?

Top Answer : I had to go to India to bring my daughter who I adopted. There was a period, for 15 days I'd be in Delhi to complete all the documentation. At that point we were in strict COVID mode in India. In the last five days before I was going to leave, it opened up. My appointment to the US embassy wasn't until the last day, and I had nothing to do. As they opened up, they said, "Certain heritage monuments are open. And if you want, you can go and see, but the footfall is really restricted." I took my daughter because I said, "Fine, let's go." The way they did this whole thing, was by making sure that you go online and download a barcode, and that's your ticket. And when you get it, you use your mobile device. It's all contactless. You just read the barcode, you enter without touching anything. Every hour they allowed only 20 folks to go in, and they let 20 out. And when you get out of the monument, it's also contactless. Now in case you did reserve, but you did not buy a ticket, no problem. There was a big QR code sitting right in the entrance of the monument. You take your phone, click it, you got your ticket and you were done. I saw it work so amazingly. They were hurting so much, because Delhi apparently builds a lot of business off tourism. And so this is the way they really innovated. I saw that, and I was like, "Wow, this is something really cool with contactless."