Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy
Cloud Infrastructure Strategy in 2021Cloud Infrastructure Strategy in 2021

This survey focuses on the pain points driving the decisions for Cloud Infrastructure and the overall approach towards it.

What are your thoughts on SaaS management platforms (SMP)?

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Managing Cloud Spend in 2021Managing Cloud Spend in 2021

How are leaders managing cloud spend in 2021?

Manufacturing IT Strategic PrioritiesManufacturing IT Strategic Priorities

How IT leaders in manufacturing are approaching their budgets, priorities, and new technologies in 2021.

What’s the biggest challenge you face when it comes to cloud configuration management?

Top Answer : While cloud offers lots of benefits, it’s also extremely hard to manage and do well. It’s a huge opportunity for new innovative companies, but the challenge is there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Every company, every individual, every team is trying to solve this to the best of their ability, and so far I haven't seen anyone do it well, including myself. A lot of companies are coming up with point solutions and have done a good job of developing them around cloud configuration management, doing discovery audits, looking at those configurations and mapping them to best practices, whether they’re NIST or CIS controls, and flagging when things are not aligned. What it's coming down to is you pick something as simple as Office 365 or Microsoft 365 and there are 7,500 settings that you can configure. Of the 7,500, 2,500 are related to cybersecurity or security settings. How do you manage that?

Is process improvement part of your cloud security strategy?

Top Answer : There are several elements to building a more robust security footprint, and process is number 1: you're never going to get rid of people in the chain and therefore process remains important. And it’s also important to make sure people have a good understanding of what that process is, that they know how to run it and have the discipline to do it effectively—not create artificial constructs that just make you appear to be secure. The second element is that you need to have something—not somebody—watching your security on a 24/7, highly scalable basis, and looking for vulnerabilities to take immediate action. Because you might have identified the compromise and developed a fix, but now you've got to roll it out to billions of nodes. That is a daunting task in and of itself.

What IT topics are top of mind at the board level?

Top Answer : I think for almost all of my boards, security is the primary technology conversation but it's a conversation that the board is uniquely ill-equipped to deal with. They have very little understanding. It's worse than what it was 15 years ago, when you'd have board members reading those airline magazines and then coming up with brilliant IT strategies that they bring to the CIO. Like, "We should get Blackberries in this company," or something like that. They read the Wall Street Journal and see all the impact but they have no idea how to govern this.

Are there any tools that have helped ease your ransomware concerns?

Top Answer : I’m not worried about ransomware at my airport because I've air gapped, segmented certain things off. The portions and schedules that you can get from the internet are totally separate from anything dealing with the aircraft. Also for updating the aircraft themselves, everything is completely air gapped. Because I have it totally separated, it does make some things more difficult. People say, "I want access to take a look at whatever I did for timing on this," but that has to be done from the office. It’s at such a level that I can't make that kind of mistake.

What are the best solutions for cloud security?

Top Answer : There is no silver bullet solution, I don't think anybody has it figured out. We just need to continue to use the tools that we know, love and hate simultaneously, around processes, education, and walking down—as much as we can—endpoint compute devices, etc., and look constantly for suspicious behavior out there. Whether it's coming from individuals or from devices, whether it's unusual traffic on the network or otherwise, it's really the only thing that we can do. The cloud hasn't necessarily made that any worse than it was but perhaps it's made it easier than it was in the past to do something dangerous in a single push button mode. It wasn't always as easy for you to do that.