Business Intelligence Strategy

Business Intelligence Strategy
I find that a lot of IT professionals just don't have the soft skills and business skills they need to be effective. How have you approached developing those skills in your team?

Top Answer : First, but making it a priority and discussing the importance frequently. I've also used "The Table Group" to perform Organizational Health and Leadership workshops for my direct reports.

How do you cultivate a more security-aware culture in your organization?

Top Answer : Annual security awareness training. We have cyber security awareness month where we send out info weekly. You can also do lunch and learns.

How do you get the business to care about security, instead of viewing it as a roadblock?

Top Answer : A very good question and always challenging for the CISO and CIO. I was fortunate to work for one of the best run company (in my opinion), early in my career and it was one of the biggest challenges the CISO had to deal with. The CISO was a very very smart guy, and he went (discretely) to the Chief Audit Executive and provided with a list of security audits he thinks would help the organization. Needless, to say a bunch of security audits were put on the audit plan. The results were beneficial to his department, the findings were absence of policies, lack of security compliance with best practices and  enforcement.  This gave him the tools he needs to force the business to follow policies and enforcing them. But it is always a challenge, and it depends also on the organization. IT auditors should be the CISO best ally, use them to poke around the security posture and find the issues before it is too late.