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What metrics can hold leaders accountable for being empathetic leaders?

Top Answer : You can measure this in many ways. Here are some tactical or operational approaches. The first one you can do is conduct an employee NPS survey to figure out where they're at. Or have a very bespoke survey to your organizational culture, asking about pain points, the things that are hurting people, or causing stress and anxiety within their life, day to day. Have a pulse survey with your employees to figure out where they are, make it part of your OKR metrics or your organizational culture metrics saying that these are the things that we're going to aspire for, we're going to measure it, and we're going to make sure that we are promoting and increasing in this way.  While it's easy to claim that your success is dependent on your team's success, you want to make it much more quantifiable, and by that, I mean try to measure success in that way. Change the MBOs, the management by objectives, and OKRs to reflect that. Ensure that your OKRs are measured by the team’s OKRs or the OKRs of the company. Have a happiness index as part of it, have an EMBS. Start embodying empathy and collaboration. Try to measure how many cross-team projects that you were able to spearhead within the team. Those are simple ways to do it. And you can measure your personal success in empathic leadership quantifiably as your day goes. As you reflect over your day, you can think about your actions and interactions with people and see, did you do an okay job? Were you empathic enough?

What’s your advice to CIOs trying to build leadership teams? What qualities should they look for?

Top Answer : I think there's more about how you architect your team. The first thing you have to recognize is you can't and shouldn’t be the captain of everything. You need to bring in people that you can count on to drive simultaneous key initiatives. You can be part of it, but you have to realize you're not going to be successful if you don't bring the right talent that compliments and scales you early on. I've seen many people take too long to figure out what their leadership team needs to look like, and balancing growing somebody and bringing in somebody you need now. So that's part one. The other part, I would say, I look for skills and competencies and experiences that are right for the job, but are future-focused in the sense they've got the capability or the capacity to take on new things and deal with a lot of ambiguity. They can thrive in ambiguity. They can figure it out. They don't need a box to work in.

How long should an IT executive's resume be?

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