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Architecture & Strategy
What does having a “multi-cloud” strategy mean to you? (Let’s agree that having SaaS products is not part of this definition, and the focus is on IaaS/PaaS public cloud providers (eg GCP, AWS, Azure, Alibaba). Multi-cloud (exclusively) means:

Top Answer : If you are open to it, please help me with additional insights into this multi-cloud topic by answering the following question on pulse: Pulse: I am doing some independent research re:  multi-cloud and need your help to:  1/ understand your definition of “multi-cloud”, 2/ learn if anyone has successfully deployed workloads in an active/active setup across multiple CSPs, 3/ inquire about the reasons for your multi-cloud strategies, and 4/ capture some of the challenges you are facing.

Fellow execs - do you know anyone who is successfully running active/active workloads across two cloud service providers today?

Top Answer : There are many use cases of customers who have successfully been running active/active workloads across cloud providers using VMware Tanzu Application Service as an abstraction layer.  Here is an example of one customer demoing how they swung live e-commerce traffic from one provider to another during their mainstage presentation - Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk more

If these companies were affected then the foundation of computing could be at risk. If you could manipulate at the hardware layer via the firmware, BIOS, ect then a threat actor could weaponize well below the operating system which brings in to question the integrity of the entire computing stack and everything above it.  The firmware and bios are like the rebar and concrete for a building. If that foundation is weak then the entire structure and anything dependent on it is at risk. We cannot underestimate the potential or the severity of these companies being potentially affected by the SolarWinds hack and what that means for the foundational computing hardware they provide to the world.  What do others think ?  How could this impact your organization ?   Big tech companies including Intel, Nvidia, and Cisco were all infected during the SolarWinds hack - The Verge

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How do you deal with latency issues arising from event driven architectures?

Top Answer : It's a great question. We're living this. I mean, this falls right into the germane of sensor fusion and the applications and use cases that are arising in all kinds of different verticals, from intelligent traffic systems to next generation manufacturing to the automated worker safety, etc. What we found interesting in working with different customers in these kinds of verticals is... regardless of whether it's video as a sensor, or audio as a sensor, or radar information or asset record information, it's just data. At the end of the day, by making that data available on a data net, what we can do is open it up to really intelligent people who can write event driven code that can make intelligence out of this. I can't make intelligence out of it. I can't tell the difference between an audio and a video data file on our network, but intelligent folks who can write algorithms and make decisions based on what it's interpreting or what it's reading in real time... they can do that. Creating these data streams from the machines and devices to the functions that are intelligent code doing something tangible and real and sophisticated with the data….that is what this is all about. So that, to me at least, is where the concept of distributed in the context of Edge is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak.

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How to become a global CTO? What is the mindset I should possess if the company goes global? What are the must hard & soft skills I should have?

Top Answer : Global CTO must possess strong digital futuristic technology acumen, business savvy, cultural and people skills. This will ensure greater alignment with the role expectations.