Which CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions are you currently using for your business!? What are their Pros & Cons!?

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Marketing, Manufacturing
You have one place where all you data about your customers is stored and organised and all your team members have access to it. If you had a problem with losing “that one file” or with having to search for a salesperson that dealt with specific customer, CRM will end those for good. You are saving a lot of time because you can automate lead tracking, scoring and nurturing. Automating those also gives you comparable results since the scoring and nurturing isn't done on „gut feeling” any more. Having your data in perfect order will surely also save your time (and nerves too). When you need it, you can use the analytical tools inside the CRM tool to have a clear view what helps you in gaining new customers and what actions leave a room for improvement. CRM also can point out which processes are ineffective and where exactly are you losing money. For cons: CRM implementation failure rate is still considerably high: mainly because companies pick a system that is not a good match for their business (too expensive, too complicated, lacking in features they need) Without proper training, sales reps are unlikely to use the CRM system. If they won’t be encouraged to use the system (for example, by showing how much easier and faster the sales reps work can be by using CRM modules), they won’t use it - and what’s the point of having CRM system no one uses? Data in CRM is everything - if the data inside the system is free of errors, up to date and organized, CRM will be a huge help. However, CRM can’t itself recognize that there are mistakes in the data or that the data is no longer relevant. There must be a person or group of people who will correct, update and sort out the data before it is put into the CRM or the results might be unpredictable.
Blue Processor
IT, Educational Services
Salesforce. Licensing can be expensive but it's by far the best tool on the market in the CRM space.
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IT, Transportation and Warehousing
Sales force 
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IT, Software
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IT, Software
Dynamics. Good pricing compare to sales force and excellent integration into office