What's a fun IT project that you've worked on recently? (Ideally it had a business impact as well)

Symphony of the Seas newbuild.

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Renata Kobylinski

Renata Kobylinski, IT Director, Director of Hosting and Engineering Services

Symphony of the Seas newbuild.

Ali Katkhada

Ali Katkhada, CIO

“Wall of shame” it’s a dashboard showing on the big screen who is delaying the approvals of workflows of ERP The impact of it was great

Michael Wahl

Michael Wahl, Senior Director of IT

Memory for memory

Michael Wahl

Michael Wahl, Senior Director of IT

Google translate and sage

Arieh Shalem

Arieh Shalem, Director of Information Security

Animated gif in teams;)

Douglas Ljung

Douglas Ljung, Director of Information Security

I created a 10 minute video about our security and compliance positions, which was shared with our largest customers at a company conference. I was allowed to do whatever I wanted and it came out as goofy as expected. Customers liked the style and content and leadership thought it was great. Also, per the YouTube copyright bots its blocked in Germany, Austria, and Japan so thats neat.