What is your favorite mobile app?


0 answers

Lee Vorthman

Lee Vorthman, Director of Information Security


Michael Wahl

Michael Wahl, Senior Director of IT


Mike D. Kail

Mike D. Kail, CTO



Subramanian('Subbu') Annaswamy CISA, CSQA, CAMS, Director


Kamal Sharma

Kamal Sharma, CIO

Great question to follow, My favorite is LinkedIn app which i use for following the content of my interests.

Mario Gonsales Ishikawa

Mario Gonsales Ishikawa, CTO

Google Photos

Lasha-Giorgi Tchelidze

Lasha-Giorgi Tchelidze, CISO


Sergi Bezhashvili

Sergi Bezhashvili, Manager of IT

Microsoft To-Do

Clay Gravil

Clay Gravil, Director Of Information Technology - Network and Information Security

Got to be onenote for me. Keeps everything handy in a single spot around all devices

Eric Prosser

Eric Prosser, Director of IT

OneNote and GLIP

Arieh Shalem

Arieh Shalem, Director of Information Security


Douglas Ljung

Douglas Ljung, Director of Information Security

Slack is my primary mobile app that keeps me in the mix.

Ali Katkhada

Ali Katkhada, CIO

Trello Alexa WhatsApp

Marc Bradley

Marc Bradley, Director of IT

Ride hailing apps

Forrest Richardson

Forrest Richardson, CIO


Julie Cullivan

Julie Cullivan, CTO

Pulse of course :)

Enrico Tizzano

Enrico Tizzano, CTO

As I travel a lot, I couldn't be without Citymapper for getting around a city.

Steven SIM Kok Leong

Steven SIM Kok Leong, VP

Google maps

Mario Gonsales Ishikawa

Mario Gonsales Ishikawa, CTO

One more app I enjoy while driving or traveling is Ubook. It is a subscription for audio books but you can listen to as many books as you want instead or a monthly credit.