What has been the trend based on the evaluation of comparable companies who are using Salesforce for high volume support?

Service Desk Trend has largely been to re-evaluate functionality on a regular basis in comparison to Salesforce subscription costs which become excessive.


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Trend has largely been to re-evaluate functionality on a regular basis in comparison to Salesforce subscription costs which become excessive.

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At the end of the day, it comes down to cost and to ease of use. Not just for the IT team (cost focused) but for the business (ease of use focused) who is the end customer.

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Be agile, show value - The ability to determine a high-level design that meet your business needs and prioritize in a way that allows you to move fast is critical to success. Find an implementation partner with a methodology that takes into account changes in design and resources. Don’t be afraid to fail fast, it allows you to better grasp capabilities and evolve to meet your customer’s / employees's needs. The most successful projects are going to get you a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in about 4 months and then additional features every month - this momentum will allow you to show value for the licensing spend quickly, get users familiar with Salesforce and provide a valuable source of design feedback by having real users on the application. There is no shortage of stories about CRM projects (even cloud based projects) that fail by trying to solution every use case out of the gate.

Create a Single Customer View - While the personalized customer service experience is not quite table stakes, it is more common than ever AND EXPECTED by your customers. Bring together all of the data you need to support your customer in a simple UI that provides an intuitive user experience and reduces agent effort. Be prepared to analyze and leverage all of the clues available to you about your customer allowing you to make smart choices and stay ahead of the competition. The analysis of unstructured data such as text messages, documents, emails, video, audio and images to gauge reputation, intent and need will allow you to better predict the best path to resolution. Leverage Einstein Analytics capabilities, including contextual data, such as weather, to anticipate customer needs before issues arise.

AI Enhanced Self Service - Many organizations expect to invest in AI over the next year spanning from increasing revenue to predictive workflow, impending device failures and conversational chat bots. AI self-service capabilities will enable conversational interfaces that can automatically retrieve insights from Salesforce data; anticipate needs by analyzing customer history, context, preferences, and search history as well as dark data; and deliver proactive alerts and relevant offers, escalating issues to a live agent when necessary.

Leverage the Internet of Things (IOT) - IOT has garnered it’s fair share of attention over the past few years, but the value is just now starting to be realized and the potential, especially for manufactures, is very real. From remote diagnostics and resolving problems to the ability to register device telemetry and predict faults the bottom line value of IOT is getting easier to calculate.