What are your thoughts on why the millennials won’t work on weekends? Why they resist so hard to do it? We will be delivering soon an app stack & to be sure that we will be delivering on time. I told to my DEV team ( All millennials ) that we have to work the upcoming weekends. Their reaction was unbelievable. They fought me more of this than any other issue we’d faced before.

Top Answer : A new culture and generation gap.

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A new culture and generation gap.
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It could depend on the expectations that were set when the team members were hired.  Most shops I've worked at set the expectation that night and weekend work could be expected during a release push, or to fix urgent customer issues.   Also the issue may be generational, but not because of a new sense of entitlement.   Younger employees could be just as willing to push back on longer hours as their more senior counterparts when family responsibilities or health issues arise.
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Just my personal opinion (and $0.02) and this should not be a general stereotype of all millenials (as they are a diverse and non-monolithic demographic) but for many in the current younger generation (those in their 20's or early 30's) it appears to be all about experiences and quality of life (including friends) versus money or even other traditional life goals (marriage, family, etc).  Now this may have been before the pandemic and accompanying resulting economic collapse but many appeared more concerning with living various life experiences to the max (taking vacations, flying to Thailand and other exotic locations) than working and saving money, buying house (or even a car).  Therefore working on weekends or long hours after work might be an anathema to someone whose highest priorities are oriented much more towards friends and life outside of work.
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Can I ask why you think they should work on the weekends? I mean, without proper compensation of course, and assuming it wasn't something that was agreed upon previously, during hiring. I'm not a millennial, but dealt with managers that thought that my employment at the company means that the company owns me. I have a talent. I provide my talent in exchange for payment. In a sense, I'm just contracting for you, and do I this M-F, 8:00-5:00. That's it. You want more of my time, pay me. I may or may not choose to accept your offer.
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When I consider my own experiences (30+ years) and also discuss it with millennial relatives that can be brutally honest.... they have seen as have I, many loyal employees work those weekends and get laid off along with everyone else.  I think they have watched the 2008/10 down turn and now COVID, and dedication and extra work doesn't mean much.  Don't tell us there will be compensation and benefits in the future for hard work.  It's a pay it now, play it now. live it now generation.  I know all older and wiser employees know employment can end at any time, for many reasons.   It's always been this way.   The new generation just learned the lesson before joining the workforce.   I gladly worked weekends and late for the promotions I received in the future, but it was a gamble.  Now, I think this generation isn't willing to gamble, and I don't know if I were 25 years old again if I would gamble either.
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When I asked my millennial child, this question his response was interesting and maybe representative of the generation. Millennials value life work balance and experiences over material things. Unlike the baby boomers before them, millennials are less inclined to work longer to buy things. Additionally, millennials value life work balance and value their down time, making them less likely to work weekends or over time in many instances.
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Aside from millennials, I'm not sure that any of us really want to work weekends, unless its special situation (critical release, upgrade, cutover, outage, security issue, etc), most of us would rather have the downtime to relax and recharge our body and mind.  Sometimes I think we ourselves, our teams, or leadership experience a mental state that psychologists refer to as flow. As long as its not every single weekend, and the team is engaged, flow may make things more enjoyable and has many other advantages.  https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-flow-2794768
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The work ethic has shifted in America as has the work space. People who in my time screwed up would be fired now as we see due to the cocoon they are promoted.  If you get the golden ticket from the correct school you by pass harder working people so I can understand the lack of passion. We need to change the country to a meritocracy where those who pull themselves up by their own boot straps can make a difference rather than those born with a golden spoon are given every break for every failure.  These kids have to see how as individuals it is their lives and what real achievement is beyond clicking on social media and having mom and dad do everything for them. As Joe Montana said, "When I screwed up it motivated me to work harder."  We need to bring this back. Hope I didn't gone on too long but I just watched the RNC.