We're excited to have all new profiles! Our goal with profiles is to enable executives to tell a better story about themselves, their skills, and their knowledge. As a start, the profile has 3 parts: 1) Strengths: This section shows the tags the user is strongest at, based on upvotes they've received on answers/replies they've given. We think they're more indicative than a simple 'vouch' that other networks have. 2) Interests: Based on the user's interactions with content on Pulse (content they read, polls they answer, answers they upvote etc.), we are able to determine their tags of interest. Using this, we're able to personalize the feed and send the right Q&A, polls, and surveys. 3) Posts: This section shows the questions and discussions the user has contributed to and the recognition they've received from the community as well. Next up, we will be adding 'Tech Stack' to each profile as well. We welcome any feedback on how to improve profiles further.

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