How are you handling BYOD reimbursements at your organization? I'm looking to benchmark our reimbursement vs other companies. We are at $75 per month and considering going to $40 per month - how does this compare to your organization's policy?

In my current company we either pay outright for their plan and only let them choose certain plans or we provide them with a company funded device. The cost ends up being about the same and ranges between $50 and $100/mo depending on if you have an international package or not.

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Lee Vorthman

Lee Vorthman, Director of Information Security

In my current company we either pay outright for their plan and only let them choose certain plans or we provide them with a company funded device. The cost ends up being about the same and ranges between $50 and $100/mo depending on if you have an international package or not.

Tomáš Andrej Murajda

Tomáš Andrej Murajda, CEO and Managing Director

0 eur in general , BYOD = (manhour×(cost of device/6000))×koef. Effectivity-(job positio investment/2400)

James Hayes

James Hayes, Director of IT

It depends on their job level but we currently reimburse from $35 to $75.

Bob Bales

Bob Bales, Director of IT

We don't reimburse. We're a small company and allowing people to complete work remotely using their phone / other devices is more of a benefit vs an expectation. Plus, simply don't have the budget. In a prior life, we set the payout at $50.

Pete Blumenthal

Pete Blumenthal, Director, Site Reliability Engineering

We reimburse either $50/mo or $75/mo depending on if you are a remote employee and how much you travel for work based on role and it's automatic in the paycheck tax free no reciepts or tracking needed

Brian Cullinan

Brian Cullinan, Individual Contributor of Engineering

Switch to a cheaper carrier like google Fi.

Ping Wu

Ping Wu, Manager of IT

Our company does not allowed (or at least discourage or not promoting) BYOD. But If the individual position needs the mobile devices, company pays for it with MDM.

Yoni Maman

Yoni Maman, VP of IT

Hi Michael, Actually we provide our employees company’s devices. How do your employees connect to the company’s systems? Via virtual desktop or a similar solution?

Jillian Gaudio

Jillian Gaudio, Director

My company doesn’t reimburse at all for BYOD.

Matthew Lampe

Matthew Lampe, Partner

We do not reimburse.

Walter LaGrone, CGCIO

Walter LaGrone, CGCIO, CIO

$40 is our reimbursement policy for employees who request it.

Asif Alam

Asif Alam, Managing Partner

No reimbursement

Chris Oehlerking

Chris Oehlerking, Director of IT

We don’t allow it. Zero

Jason Leo

Jason Leo, Manager of IT

$35 per month

Julie Cullivan

Julie Cullivan, CTO

If you are talking about the service (not the hardware) we reimburse “up to” $125/mo. Most folks have plans that are well below this amount.

Kamal Sharma

Kamal Sharma, CIO

$50 per month.

Hiba S Sharief

Hiba S Sharief, CIO

Technology has become so cost effective that, given your reimbursement is monthly, $40 seems quite reasonable. Ultimately, this is about convenience to the end user. I do not know much about your workforce but what you can do is allow people with financial hardship inform you somehow and then you can either choose to adjust the amount. I am NOT a fan of giving more money to more senior people who make more money to begin with. Better to have the same stipend across than to make it dependent on seniority or tenure. Alternatively, you do it the other way: offer a stipend to Directors and below... :) my .02 cents

Niv Dolgin

Niv Dolgin, Director of IT

$50/mo or they take a cell # & phone from Corp account with no reimbursement.

Nisha Manaktala

Nisha Manaktala, Technology Director / Head of IT, AutoProtect

We do not reimburse for BYOD.

Jon Rauer

Jon Rauer, Chief Information Officer

$30 / month for BYOD or corporate issued.

Marc Bradley

Marc Bradley, Director of IT

We don’t reimburse for BYOD.

Christopher Bayham

Christopher Bayham, CIO

$75/month for BYOD as an expense reimbursement when request and approved (only for employees whose jobs require them to have access to technology 24x7). As part of a recent merger, those eligible employees received the same rate, but as a stipend. We are considering eliminating the reimbursement for all new employees and converting the reimbursement for legacy employees and moving to a stipend. We have not ruled out reducing or eliminating the stipend in the future as mobile technology is deemed to be truly ubiquitous.

Michael Wahl

Michael Wahl, Senior Director of IT

Is the reimbursement for the capital expenses only? Do you factor in the additional framework/overhead that's required to support a BYOD?

Christopher Thomas

Christopher Thomas, Executive Director

The reimbursement is based on level in the organization and duties/responsibilities. Ranges from $45 - $75 per month.

Adnan Riaz

Adnan Riaz, VP of IT Infrastructure

My company reimburses $30 per month for the cell phone usage. I think it is quiet reasonable.

William Tran

William Tran, CIO

I believe $40-$60 is reasonable. We are in that range.

Michael Wahl

Michael Wahl, Senior Director of IT

$40-$60 per month is reasonable

Federico Fernandez

Federico Fernandez, Director of IT

$40 is reasonable, which should be about 50% of a decent phone plan.  The part that gets tricky is about repairs and what percent the company will assume should anything hapen to a device.

Amith Nair

Amith Nair, CIO

We working on combined our Phone & Internet Reimbursement to a "Technology Reimbursement". we will be giving the employees between 30 & 50 $ based on their job category, etc... 

Anthony D

Anthony D'Orazio, Director of IT

We assume $30 of personal usage and reimburse the next $100.  Keep it simple.

Forrest Richardson

Forrest Richardson, CIO

Capped at $80 monthly and (total line cost excluding equipment and related fees) / total number of lines.