Have your KPIs for your team changed with remote working? Are you enhancing / or altering the way you're tracking productivity? How (any good tools)?

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Actually no... still measuring based on work output.

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Very little change as we were a pretty distributed organization to begin with - working at customer sites and very WFH friendly. If anything, we are taking our lessons learned and imparting them upon some of our customers, guiding them to a more productive, and let's not forget more secure, WFH environments. As far as keeping track of things - we projectize as much as possible and use Agile. Smaller, focused, cross functional teams with quick daily touchpoints and working level interactions using collaborations tools such as Teams. Using backlog and sprints and measuring with burndown charts. Works well.

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Before we had a board in which we tracked everything they our daily scrum. Now we use a tool Freshrelease that help us with that. The KPIs haven’t changed, but my team who never before used to work remotely they got a hard time to work this way. It takes a toll not being around in an environment that you’d used to & mentally it was a challenge for them. So I’m talking to them constantly, to ignite that passion they’d had before the pandemic.