e-mail password How often do you change your e-mail account's password? Has your e-mail account every been hacked? In Gmail, have you ever clicked on chats to find that someone has hacked your account in order to use the chat feature? This happened to me just a few weeks ago, so I changed my password.

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Often cause I seemed to forget them. I do have some saved in my notes.

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I probably don't change it as much as I should. I do however have two-factor authentication enabled on Gmail and other accounts where it is an option which I feel strongly increases security. A few times my professional email has been spoofed and sent spammy messages to my contacts, however they weren't actually "from" me (hence the spoofing)...and I'm still unclear as to how this occurs as my actual email account did not appear to be compromised. I changed my password when this has occurred to be on the safe side. And no, I have no experienced any hacks to access the chat on my Gmail account, though I can see why this would be of interest to a scammer...and in fact, I would assume if someone penetrates your Gmail account, they would also have access to all Google services you use. I strongly advise taking advantage of two-factor authentication as I previously mentioned!

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I use all Apple products: Mac Book Pro, iPad Pro and iPhone 8S. I change my passwords every 3 months. I have never been hacked into, but do have a security program for Mac installed on all 3 devices, plus my own VPN.